Last time people want to surround themselves by things, made of natural, organic material. Our company carries a good choice of goods for decoration of housing accommodations and surrounding territory: bamboo wallpaper; wall- and ceiling wicker plate of bamboo; bamboo poles; bamboo parquet; marble sculptures and some.
One of sector of activity of our company is production of different goods for beach and other recreationarea: beach umbrellas; pavilions; fences; changing booth; beach chairs and so on. We use in our production only organic and long-lived natural materials, such as: bamboo, palm leaves, decorative ropes.
Our production basis is situated in Ukraine (Odessa city). After receiving orders, our specialists produce, pack up and prepare the goods for transportation to any spot of the world. The pride of our company is projects, elaborated by our specialists: bamboo cottage, beach umbrella of palm leaves, folding umbrella of bamboo. These goods are in grate favour among our customers.
Our specialists can go to any place of the world for building and placing of object. Bamboo, which we use for our goods, goes throw heat treatment by special technology to improve its quality to use in different climatic conditions. You can get information about all sectors of production and commercial activity of our company on our web-site. You will be in the know about all our new completed products and can see them. Welcome to our web-site
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Закончено строительство нового проекта! Закончено строительство нового проекта бамбукового домика по адресу г. Одесса, 6-й км Овидиопольской дороги (на территории мебельного гипермаркета «Шестой элемент»). Посмотреть»
Внимание! Новое поступление природных скульптур из мрамора. Они станут достойным украшением Вашего ландшафта, а также позволят Вам успешно применить их в качестве фонтанов. Посмотреть»

 Традиционно зеленый бамбук. Посмотреть»

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